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donglekumquat - Hoofdachest

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Uploaded to YouTube by: will
Date submitted to Unlisted Videos: 17 February 2018
Date uploaded/published to YouTube: 2 May 2013

Tags: music, MLP, My Little Pony


a song about being a brony. and stuff.

download: http://donglekumquat.bandcamp.com/album/hoofdachest

artwork by moi. you can get it off the bandcamp page.
instrumental: http://www.mediafire.com/%3F2j9tdz5xcv62100


when I was young, we had concrete jungles under the sun
zombie, ADD, and deranged, and come to think of it, nothing's changed
how could I be so simple and ignorant, a little kid
I told them that I'd rather die, but one look at the tv and I was instantly mesmerized

They said, "You look good with your hipster vest, but I bet you look better with a hoof in your chest"

My landlord put me out on the street and
the love of my life broke up with me
and my family put me in therapy
so I could be everything I couldn't be
but I'm still watching wonderbolt academy and
every single episode of mlp
quite frankly everything's gone to shit and I
ain't even a little bit tired of it

Hoof da chest in time, you feel it when you got a good workin rhyme,
the never ending inspiration of
Dash, rarity, pinkie pie, TS, apple jack and fluttershy
Dance with me, turn on the TV, and we'll never ever ever start growing up

hoof da chest in time

it's always butterflies and blue skies
but sometimes it's dark sides and parasprites
these ponies came along and turned all the right into wrong
everyone thinks its just another stupid song
so I put my hands all the way up into the air, cause honestly
I dont care