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Terms of Use

Rules and Guidelines for Submitting Videos

  • The videos must adhere to the rules of the video sharing website that hosts them, in addition to any of Unlisted Videos' rules. In general, if a video wouldn't be allowed on YouTube (but is on there anyway), it wouldn't be allowed on Unlisted Videos.
  • Only submit videos that would most likely have been made fully public, had the unlisted option not been available.
  • Do not submit videos that would infringe on the privacy of individuals. If an unlisted video appears to be uploaded solely for the friends and/or family of the uploader, it shouldn't be submitted.
  • Do not submit a video if its owner has stated (or implied or hinted) that they don't want it shared, in its description on the video sharing site or on the owner's site where the video has been embedded or linked to.
  • Submitted information should not contain content which is illegal or deemed by Unlisted Videos to be objectionable.
  • The submitted videos should be useful and/or interesting to people other than the video submitter/publisher (or those who know the video submitter/publisher personally).
  • Minimise the use of opinionated language and don't assert theories or opinions as facts, in the title, tags or descriptions.
  • The descriptions should not be misleading. The descriptions should be informative and not ambiguous (however some flexibility is permitted if necessary to avoid spoilers).
  • Do not submit an unlisted video if it is likely to become public in the near future.
  • Do not submit an unlisted video if there are public copies of that video, unless that unlisted video is the original or official version.
  • Do not submit an unlisted video if it is meant to be viewed exclusively by those who have paid to see it e.g. Patreon exclusives.


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IP Blocking

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User Generated Content

Statistical Consultants Ltd reserves the right to delete, edit or limit any content submitted to Unlisted Videos.

Automated Usage

You may not spider, harvest or scrape any content from Unlisted Videos without permission (search engine bots/spiders however are welcome).

You may not use Unlisted Videos in a way which would cripple the website, use excessive bandwidth or otherwise disrupt usage for others.


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