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Adisa Banjoko Chokes Opponent Out at Gracie Open

Uploaded to YouTube by: A Banjoko
Date submitted to Unlisted Videos: 29 May 2017
Date uploaded/published to YouTube: 12 November 2006

Tags: martial arts


Adisa Banjoko chokes his opponent out at the Gracie Open. He applies an Ezekiel or "Loop Choke" FROM THE BOTTOM to secure the win. Despite the way the footage looks, his opponent was revived quickly and was totally healthy after the match. What most don't know is that is was this match that opened Adisa's mind up to the beauty and power of nonviolence. The music on this track is perfomed by Ralek Gracie aka Rio Life feat. Rakaa from Dilated Peoples on the hook. It was shot by Billy Ray of www.stonecoldbillyray.com and is featured on the smash DVD "101 Submissions Vol. 2". You can purchase one today at www.onthemat.com! Adisa Banjoko covers brazilian jiu jitsu in his books Lyrical Swords Vol. 1 & 2 at www.lyricalswords.com right now. Thanks to Rattler, Gumby and Kenpo4life for helping me get this clip up.