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Auckland Lantern Festival 2015

Uploaded to YouTube by: The Late Pickers
Date submitted to Unlisted Videos: 13 April 2015
Date uploaded/published to YouTube: 7 March 2015

Tags: festivals, lanterns, fireworks, music, New Zealand


Footage from the final night of the Auckland Lantern Festival 2015.

This was the 16th annual lantern festival, and was held from 26 February to 1 March, at Albert Park, which is next to the University of Auckland's main campus.

The festival had over 800 lanterns; musicians and other performers, stalls selling toys, stalls for various organisations and associations, and many food stalls (along Princes Street). There were thousands of guests.

0:00 Last remaining daylight - Various lanterns (including monkey, ox, mouse, bull and tiger lanterns). Traditional Chinese music can be heard in the background.
0:30 Dusk - Long dragon lanterns in the distance.
0:46 Night - Dragon lanterns floating in the Albert Park fountain.
1:21 Princes Street - Large crowds and some of the food stalls. The University of Auckland's Clock Tower can be seen in the background (glowing red for the festival).
1:40 Karaoke - Attendees had the opportunity to sing karaoke in front of an audience.
2:12 Long Shen Dao performing on stage - Long Shen Dao is a reggae/rock/ska band from China.
3:06 Fireworks - At the end of the lantern festival, Long Shen Dao counted down to the fireworks display. The fireworks were launched from the Auckland Sky Tower.