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Uploaded to YouTube by: ANDREW HUANG
Date submitted to Unlisted Videos: 16 February 2016
Date uploaded/published to YouTube: 1 October 2010

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Directed and edited by Chris Di Staulo.

Thank you:
Joel Cumby
Calla Cumby
Max McNaughton-Parr

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I'm so sick, because of that Crunk Juice. From the hip-hop crews to the punk dudes, we all mix gin and Bull into one brew. Peer pressure, man - I drink it but I don't want to.

I drink it rich (bling). I drink it with my gun (blam). I drink it on it's own. I drink it with green eggs and ham. I drink it warm, 'cause I need to get a better fridge. I drink it, like, whenever. Just set a time. Endeavor to get a grip up on a beverage.

Ill, because of that Crunk Juice. But I get up on the mic, "Check, 1, 2." So throw up your hands when I run through to the bathroom so I can throw up this Crunk Juice.

Diseased, because of caffeine and alcohol. I used to climb the charts; now just watch my album fall. Washed up, homie - Crunk Juice River. What I'd give to live it different, rid of a little bitty bit of idiocy on my liver.

Drink Crunk Juice if you want to get messed up. My blood pressure and my heart are both messed up. My lungs, kidneys and my brain all messed up. I mix vodka with Red Bull and ketchup. Crunk!