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Andru Markel - Around The World (Behind The Scenes)

Uploaded to YouTube by: RedCastle Crusade
Date submitted to Unlisted Videos: 24 May 2019
Date uploaded/published to YouTube: 17 July 2014



RedCastle Productions worked with Mirmont Pictures to capture the behind-the-scenes action on the latest Sohrab Mirmont music video for Andru Markel's hit single, "Around The World".

Artist: Andru Markel
Production Company: Mirmont Pictures
Producer/Director: Sohrab Mirmont
Executive Producer: Sean Thompson
Co-Producer: Jesse Ranney
Co-Producer: Ana Griffin
Associate Producer: Kimball McGary
Associate Producer: Sahar Mirmontazeri
Director of Photography: Thor Wixom
1st Assistant Camera: Abdiel Abarra
(2nd) 1st Assistant Camera: Isaac Barker
'B' Camera / Crane Operator: Kimball McGary
Editor: Sohrab Mirmont
1st Assistant Director: Mark Webb
Production Assistant: Kagen Despain
Production Assistant: Aaron Hampton
Production Assistant: Jasmine Mae
Production Assistant: Becki Meyer
Colorist/DIT: Shiblon Wixom
Make-Up Artist: Emily Rose Larsen
Dance Choreographer: Bashaun Williams
Dance Coach: Marc Alexandra
Asst. Dance Manager: Erykah Ardis
Label: Audio West / Dub Dee
Production Photographer: Sahar Mirmontazeri
Crafty/Catering: Sahar Mirmontazeri
Location Site Rep: Andrea Austin
Shooting Location: Wolverine Crossing, Orem, Utah

Artist: Andru Markel Website: http://andrumarkel.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/IAMAndruMarkel

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