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Girlfriend Changes Boyfriend's Tire

Uploaded to YouTube by: Michelle Phan
Date submitted to Unlisted Videos: 10 January 2017
Date uploaded/published to YouTube: 21 February 2014

Tags: cars, automotive


Girl Power! Title says it all. Dom tricked me into thinking we were going to a red carpet event and he was going to help me film my routine. At first, I thought we were filming my "Get Ready Red Carpet Challenge" but I quickly realized that I was being pranked! Watch me attempt to change a tire in a full length gown and stilettos #thestruggleisreal :P

My Boyfriend Does My Makeup tag: http://youtu.be/J66aZu8TTVY

Dom and I answer your questions: http://youtu.be/o5gH5d-DxfU

Dom's instagram http://instagram.com/dominiquecapraro

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