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The Return' | A CallOfDuty Montage | Coming Soon

Uploaded to YouTube by: Tomagk
Date submitted to Unlisted Videos: 1 June 2018
Date uploaded/published to YouTube: 21 June 2011

Tags: none


The Return of killfeeds. R.I.P Trickshooting.

This is a multiCod Montage which im currently recording for and is not going to involve ANY trickshots killcams, i want sniping to be how it used to, killfeeds, montages, rock music, not 1080MoonwalkStunCancelClaymoreSwitchPredatorbackflipNawsk with dubstep over-edited shit. Yeah when trickshooting was around i did it, but it got out of hand when people threw a frag at the floor, picked it up, trew it then shot someone then claimed the shot. Its stupid and boring to WATCH. I
m going to try my best to make this insane. These clips are nowhere near as good as what i've got recently so i might be putting together another little teaser close to the time. I say "Comming Soon" But it might not be seeing as i got exams and stuff going on at the moment... and the only reason there isnt any cod4/WaW clips in here because the couple i have arent good enough and plus its soo hard to record with all the hacking going on. Look out for the montage but it wont be too soon! Like,comment,fav do whatever, just leave me some feedback.


Yeah i edited this myself, i know its not the greatest and the text could of been better but i dont have cinema 4d or anything so its kind of hard. i really couldnt be ass'd with an editor or anything. prefer to do it my way.


If you are tired of trickshots, help me and the community out by uploading this!