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James's Mixtape - Full Album

Uploaded to YouTube by: TheOdd2sOut
Date submitted to Unlisted Videos: 1 August 2020
Date uploaded/published to YouTube: 28 December 2017

Tags: Mixtape


00:07 - Take On Me (Mine Diamonds) https://youtu.be/dgha9S39Y6M
03:56 - All The Others Players https://youtu.be/9fhzbaETUG0
07:48 - The Bells Of Notre Dame https://youtu.be/R-XONxvdq4Y
13:55 - Larger Than Life https://youtu.be/MEb2CecR11I
17:50 - Breaking The Habit https://youtu.be/v2H4l9RpkwM
21:02 - Pain https://youtu.be/Ud4HuAzHEUc
24:31 - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams https://youtu.be/Soa3gO7tL-c
28:55 - Let It Go https://youtu.be/L0MK7qz13bU
32:35 - Baby ft. TheOdd1sOut https://youtu.be/kffacxfA7G4
36:16 - Part of Your World https://youtu.be/SXKlJuO07eM
39:34 - Five Nights at Freddy's 1 Song https://youtu.be/l18A5BOTlzE
42:19 - Handlebars https://youtu.be/HLUX0y4EptA

Ok so this video got two copyright strikes so the advertisements at the beginning were not placed by me. The weird thing is that this channel is still being reviewed to see if it's suitable for monetization, but if it contains copyrighted material then it is automatically suitable to have ads placed on them?
Also, I think since this channel hasn't been properly 'reviewed' yet its not letting me turn on captions? I've turned on the 'allow community contributions' for the captions but it's just not showing up. I dunno what the problem is, YouTube is drunk.
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Araf Animations
Kyle the Charmander