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Intricacy Fail - Racists & Creationists

Uploaded to YouTube by: OneSpecies
Date submitted to Unlisted Videos: 12 February 2018
Date uploaded/published to YouTube: 26 August 2011

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Racists and Creationists Switch on My Warrior Gene.
The past weeks, a debate arose, concerning IQ, race and other similar topics. The Race Realists/Pro-Hereditary/Nationalist/Whatever Side, demonstrated some of what we call the worst example of arguing or debating an issue.
Thankfully the Free Thinking community offered some of its best, to debase and tackle these half baked debate attempts.
But the Racist side, displayed even lower standards in receiving the criticism.
Which prompted me to make this video, to prevent me from dying of facepalm.
Please do not slay me, I have not tried my hand at rap before. o_0
To the racists I have to say, well, I would not have to take a crap on your case, since so many did, but you called us, your critics, "Brain Creationists". This where I come from means, I have to say "FUCK YOU!" In a gentle and somewhat creative way.
And since all this low Quality of debate reminds me of Creationists, who have been irritating as well during these past weeks, I thought I would slap them around a bit too.
Below you will find the channels of the Heroes that upheld reason and logic in this debacle.



When humans knew little of architecture this is what they built, and when they gained intricate knowledge of it this is what they built.
When humans knew little of flight and engineering, this is what the flied*. When they gained an intricate understanding of them, this is what they fly.
In virtually all our endeavors, the intricacy of the endeavor, is limited and defined by the intricacy of the relevant knowledge.
Evolutionary Biology, Geology and Cosmology, are very intricate Scientific fields, comprising of numerous sub-fields and years of research. They are justifiably intricate, and they make intricate statements and predictions, because they got the facts not just convictions.
When you make a contradicting claim to them, based on a book as thick as my hand, what do you expect?
You want me to believe in the existence of races, distinct that should be living in separate places, Watch it now son that's an intricate statement, do you have the proper medicine for this ailment?
Can you back it up, prove it or support it, otherwise why even (bother) report it? You can opine, you can preach, you can say you believe just don't tell my intellect to leave.
If your arguments are vague, then no way my views are swayed, it is up to you to make your case sensible and highly defensible, and if you fail there is only you, only you to blame.
If your knowledge is less intricate than your statements, then how could you expect their acceptance, as relevant, as intelligible argumentation, and not just a bit more of audience frustration?
How can one single book written long ago, can still be consulted, in the busy floor, of Science and models of utility, and mimic their ability to explain and expand the truth? It just lacks the intricacy kiddo. Few pages can't defeat a wealth of info.
And if you are a proponent of racism, or defender thereof, present your evidence , or please leave the floor, at once, because you intellectual pollution makes it worse for all of us.
Accusing and name calling ain't resolving the gaps in your ideology. All you need to do is increase your intricacy.
Its called Education....

*bad grammar and spelling, but it worked in the rhyme.

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Thanks for Watching.

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