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Obstacle nickjudy 1

Uploaded to YouTube by: Renjirra
Date submitted to Unlisted Videos: 20 May 2017
Date uploaded/published to YouTube: 6 May 2016

Tags: zootopia, animation, sae qantm, ani210, obstacle course, judy hopps, nick wilde


I animated Judy the rabbit and did the camera work, Caitlin animated Nick the fox.

This is the 'final' version that Caitlin and I presented this week for the end of our collaborative animation project. As you can see, Judy is still pretty unfinished, half of her animation sequence is still rough blocking out and she only has in-betweens in the beginning, pretty much. Next Thursday we have an exhibition, which is another opportunity to present an updated version, so I really want to finish keyframing and in-betweening her, and then I would love to add colour to her if I have the time! That's all for now