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STUNTING IN THE NEW UPDATE (1.11) (Explanation)

Uploaded to YouTube by: GTAStuntVideos
Date submitted to Unlisted Videos: 22 May 2016
Date uploaded/published to YouTube: 4 March 2014

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If you now realize that in this new update 1.11 you cant get air anymore, you just drop straight away, this has effected the stunting community alot, making it harder for people to make stunting videos. For now on in our Stuntages there will hopefully be more car, grind, wall ride stunts. But don't worry we are trying our best and we love you all! Thank you for watching and letting us explain!

The Stunt Men:
- Cray http://www.youtube.com/dazinate
- Bisc http://www.youtube.com/biscplays

Song Used:
- Ask - Life of a Piano Mastered

Our Twitter:
- https://twitter.com/GTA5StuntMen