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Australian Politics as explained by cartoon birds

Uploaded to YouTube by: CloudCuckooCountry
Date submitted to Unlisted Videos: 13 January 2018
Date uploaded/published to YouTube: 14 February 2013

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G'Day Internet,

I still haven't found an ounce of a job yet, but I've managed to get in contact with the University of Tasmania and could be taking a couple of units to tide me over until I get one. In the mean time, I have politics, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Miscellaneous Rants and The Call of Cthulhu to keep me occupied.

In post-production of this video I noticed I use a lot of hyperbole, but then again this is politics. My hyperbole aren't as drastic as the ones perpetuated by actual politicians. I think politics is the topic upon which everyone just pathologically becomes a total nutcase.

I know some of my American viewers will be happy to know that they aren't the only wealthy first world country with a shoddy political scene. I don't think anyone can top the likes of Mechelle Bachmann for stupid statements, except for perhaps that one guy who is the head of the American science board. He was a right nutcase. I'm not sure how Americans rationalize their politics, but for all you non-Americans out there a great thing to do is just tell yourself that America will decline and collapse in a good amount of time and the rest of the world will just move on to the next big global economic and global influence, which is looking to be either China or Japan.

I thought making this video would be a great way to exert my frustrations for Aussie politics, but it turns out I was wrong. Maybe I'll just stick to talking about books.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was a great read, mind. You guys should get into it. I think it's firmly inserted itself to my favourite story rankings, not enough to topple the great Frankenstein, but it's up there.

I swear, if I hear anymore bad news regarding the design of the Playstation 4, I'm going to just screw consoles altogether, save up some money and buy a gaming PC instead.

Uggggggh, uploading from an internet cafe sucks big time, I tell you that. Golly G, it's already cost me two whole dollars.

Bugger me, internet.