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Uploaded to YouTube by: DirtyAssa
Date submitted to Unlisted Videos: 18 June 2019
Date uploaded/published to YouTube: 5 June 2013

Tags: music


Hey! What's Up? I'm looking for band mates & all the people for make great shows! Give me the support!

Copyrights © 2013 By Dirty Assa! All Rights Reserved!

Someday or this time that could be:
Amateur Experimental Psychedelic Guitar Rock Blues Brothers Heavy Band Guitarist Looking For Wanted Bassist Drummer Bass Drums Drum Organizer Peace Love Harmony Happiness Freedom Acid Wanted Drumming Bass Playing For "Acid Rock" "Blues Rock" "Acid Blues" "Psychedelic Acid Rock" Psychedelia "Acid Psychedelic Rock" "Acid Psychedelic Blues" "Fresh Fruits" "Psychedelic Fruits" "Rock Fruits" "Fresh Rock" "Rock Music" "Acid Fruits" "Rock 'n' Roll" Hahaha !

All the best!