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Oreo - June'13 Montage

Uploaded to YouTube by: KyXXe
Date submitted to Unlisted Videos: 6 June 2019
Date uploaded/published to YouTube: 29 June 2013



So yeah I made this montage from about 5 days of playing in June; Hence the name.
I was gonna make a 10-20 min montage every month but I just don't have time to play that often, I thought I would have alot of time this month but I didn't... But anyways, here's what I did hit.

I'm playin xbox mainly again now and I bought an Elgato and a New monitor and my shot's on again.

I dunno when I'll be fully 'back' though.

Follow me for pure banter you little cunts:

If you play MW2/3 (What I'm playing atm) then add me on the GT 'Kyiie' and we can play.

See you soon.