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Born This Way Ball 2012-2013: Stage Build Time Lapse

Uploaded to YouTube by: Lady Gaga
Date submitted to Unlisted Videos: 19 April 2015
Date uploaded/published to YouTube: 26 April 2013

Tags: music, pop music, time lapse footage


Time lapse footage of the stage build, performance, and strike of Lady Gaga's 2012-2013 Born This Way Ball world tour; the largest scenic structure ever been built to tour.

The stage and set had many capabilities and functions, including 30 active windows and doors, each with a custom scenic painted roll drop which revealed different scenes within the various rooms of the castle, two swing walls which opened to reveal the 50 foot (15 meters) tall castle behind it, 620 feet (189 meters) of custom LED lights and two sets of automated castle gates that opened and closed to a full 180 degrees.

It took fifteen 53 foot (16 meters) long tractor trailers to move the castle and the main stage, and there are approximately 200 set carts that all of the elements travel in. To put that in perspective, if all of the set carts were lined up end to end, they would span approximately 1600 feet (488 meters) in length, the equivalent of over 5 football fields.