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Hell in the Sanitarium (2)

Uploaded to YouTube by: mark40511
Date submitted to Unlisted Videos: 11 October 2018
Date uploaded/published to YouTube: 18 May 2018

Tags: television, soap opera, Days of Our Lives, DOOL


Sorry I'm going backwards with this story, but I decided to post the entire sanitarium story from start to finish. This is part 2 with 1 coming up next. So the entire story will be in this playlist parts 1 to 5. I may add more continuing after they get out and try to get revenge on K a t e. FYI - this story started in Sept 93 and went until Feb 94, so it may seem a bit repetitive since it's all combined in a few hours. Oh, I almost forgot - the audio is a wee bit out of sync here but nothing drastic... just a few milliseconds.