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Team Crafted || Anything

Uploaded to YouTube by: Annie
Date submitted to Unlisted Videos: 19 June 2018
Date uploaded/published to YouTube: 1 October 2013

Tags: none


- A hundred thousand disbelievers couldn't keep me on the ground
I've invented a momentum that'll never slow me down -

* I am aware of who is and who isn't in Team Crafted so don't get on my crev about Vengelfe, Nooch, Woofless or anyone else. you donuts *

I absolutely love Team Crafted man, so I figured, why not?

Not too proud of this, especially since I got a little lazy near the end, but hey, whatever. At least I'm showing some appreciation for these wonderful YouTubers
I also added a couple of YouTubers (like Annie/Vengelfe) who aren't officially a part of it or anything because I really like them too so

SONG - Anything by Hedley