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Broken Country: Behind The Scenes - My Rode Reel 2014

Uploaded to YouTube by: RedCastle Crusade
Date submitted to Unlisted Videos: 24 May 2019
Date uploaded/published to YouTube: 1 June 2014



This is a behind the scenes look at the making of the short film Broken Country. Takes place in a post apocalyptic world a man is out for revenge.

Click here to watch the film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skurm8alrU8

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Written and Directed by: Isaac Barker and Scott Stowers
Director of Photography: Isaac Barker
Music by Kenneth Amacher: Amacher Music Productions
Larry Filion
James Nichols
Brandon Christian
Kristen Rowe
Travis Webb
Jonathan Malaer
Brian Manscill
Chase Clawson
Tanner Clawson

Joy Darlington: Makeup
Kristen Rowe: Makeup