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The Continuum - "So Pretty"

Uploaded to YouTube by: Firefall
Date submitted to Unlisted Videos: 8 February 2019
Date uploaded/published to YouTube: 23 October 2012

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Continuum presents a Halloween fright fest fit for anytime of year. Vampires in the modern world; what would it really be like? Would it be more like Twilight or more like Dracula? Take a trip on the night train in this short film that was shot on Red, produced for Stage 5 TV, and find out why the cursed don't sparkle.

Al Lougher is a British writer, director and photographer currently
living in Miami and has produced and directed many music videos and
short films as well as corporate videos and commercials. Al won an
award in 2001 for his short "I Am Peter Cushing" and is currently
working on a feature to shoot and debut in 2013.

The Continuum is Stage5TV's new anthology show for gamers. Each week
we will feature an exciting new short film, extending across the
realms of fantasy, science fiction, comedy, drama, animation,
live-action and everything in between.

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How to become a vampire.
How to make friends with a vampire.
How to survive halloween.
How to get your girlfriend to stop reading Twilight.

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