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Echo Chambers and You: The Comfy Internet

Uploaded to YouTube by: WIZ DUM GUN
Date submitted to Unlisted Videos: 10 May 2017
Date uploaded/published to YouTube: 14 November 2016

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shitty video i made for fun about why i hate the internet
cool graphics by GSlimey SUBSCRIBE TO THIS GUY ASAP:
Mankind's greatest communication technology has become totally self defeating and serves to limit our horizons and understanding. A narcissistic generation finds comfort in seeking reflections of themselves, both by the people they surround themselves with (and their similarity) and in the algorithms that reflect their beliefs, interests, etc. We withdraw further and further into the self and the ego and into tribalism and farther away from any collective understanding. Mankind is cattle huddling together for warmth in a behavioral sink that increasingly makes us more alone than ever while making us think we are closer, see also: Facebook. We have adapted to the world we built for ourselves and we have nobody to blame but ourselves but the coddling atmosphere we built is suffocating our growth; comfort is the antithesis of growth. We have built the greatest technological marvel mankind has ever known, the wealth of knowledge of all recorded history is at our fingertips and the only thing we want to use it for is to jack off and play video games where we shoot at each other with cool dubstep call of duty guns. This is the world we have chosen for ourselves, we've built our coffin and now all that's left to do is hit a monster dab, cross our arms and fall backwards into it as it slams shut. The final red pill is a cyanide pill and life is a giant episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm but the cameras will never come out and tell you you're on Punk'd, until you die and find out there is nothing. Just kidding, when you die you go to the anime realm and get a GF and also jesus tells you your a good boy.