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Merge Storage Example

Uploaded to YouTube by: CloudMax
Date submitted to Unlisted Videos: 15 April 2018
Date uploaded/published to YouTube: 2 December 2013

Tags: Zelda


This only appears to work in this specific room. Doesn't work in the room below in B2 either.
Edit: Turns out that this also works in 2F & 3F of Lorule Castle.

1. Stand at a mergable wall.
2. Use Pegasus Boots away from the wall and cancel them at a location where you can't merge. This will store the merge location.
3. Walk to any of the rooms doors, or a few other specific locations in the room and press A on the correct frame (frame before "Merge" appear?)
You'll get ported back to the location you stored.

If you use pegasus boots twice the merge location will be cleared and you can't do the glitch.
If you fail the timing and see the Merge button appear, you have to store a new location.