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RIFF RAFF "Trappin Like a Fool" - DIY Video (Hologram Panda Mixtape)

Uploaded to YouTube by: Dazed
Date submitted to Unlisted Videos: 12 June 2019
Date uploaded/published to YouTube: 24 December 2012

Tags: music


On the 12th DAZED of RiFFMAS, RiFF RAFF presents us with a DIY video to his brand new track 'TRAPPiN LIKE A FOOL'.

Check out 1-11 DAZED OF RIFFMAS here: http://ow.ly/gl9mb

Video Gabe of Uzi

Local producers Matthew Robinson & Sheldon Blk

Set Design by Danna Takako & Rhett Brandt

Styling by Mecca Cox

Models Niki Takesh & Taylor Burk

Hair Jay Small

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