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Shout-Out: Klingschor/L'Orientalist

Uploaded to YouTube by: TheLivingDinosaur
Date submitted to Unlisted Videos: 13 January 2018
Date uploaded/published to YouTube: 20 October 2011

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I know that I'm not due to do a shout-out until the next HH is release, but something's come up.

I've been meaning to shout-out this user's two channels for a while now anyway, so this has just sped up the process. Klingschor/L'Orientalist makes fantastically well researched, fair and unbiased videos examining various aspects of the claims and practices of Islam. The Klingschor channel is more geared towards pwnage-type material and responses to Youtubers, while the L'Orientalist channel is for amazing documentaries offering fantastic Islamic counter-apologetics.

Recently several videos on the LO channel have been featured on various right-wing Christian and secular anti-Islam channels and he's getting inundated by people of, shall we say, a less than savory nature. This user takes pride in his meticulous research and the fairness he tries to bring to his criticisms so he's, quite rightly, concerned that this new influx of subscribers may cause his channels to lose their reputation for the rational and objective repudiation of Islamic claims. If you're interested in this subject, then there aren't many channels on this subject on YT better than his, and would also like to help dilute this effect then please consider taking a look at his work and subscribing if you like what you see.

His Channels:

HH28 Update: It seems I was a little optimistic with the ETA for this episode. Now that I've put all the audio together it's going to be a 25+-minute epic (there was an awful lot of shit to wade through in this one). That means it will take longer to finish than I thought, but expect it out by the middle of next week if not earlier. As a teaser, in this episode I'll be ramming a certain fossil so far up Carl Gallups' arsehole that he'll be shitting Devonian rocks for a month.