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Christmas Adventure (Dan and Phil)

Interactive video adventure map.

AmazingPhil's 2009 Christmas Adventure

The following is a map of the structure of Christmas Adventure, the 2009 interactive video adventure from AmazingPhil (starring both Dan and Phil). The story follows Dan and Phil, as they try to rescue Lion from an evil teddy bear (and save Christmas). The player must choose actions (and in one particular video, the timing of the choice), to complete the quest. The starting video is listed, but all other videos in the adventure are unlisted.

Upon successfully completing the adventure, you will be presented with a video where you can pick a prize. Rectangles appear temporarily on the video, and are linked to the prize videos. Most of the prize videos have people (including other YouTubers) pretending to give the viewer a prize.

Interactive Christmas Adventure - Start Here!

At each of the following 'poke Dan' options, you can also choose 'Start Quest'. After poking Dan a third time, he cuts off your finger. This doesn't cause a game-over but instead results in 'Start Quest' as being the only option.
-Poke Dan
-- Poke Dan Again
---Poke Dan Again (Dan Cut Off Your Finger)

-Start Quest
--Click Here to Travel to Christmas Land!!
---Frosty Snowman (You Died)
----Jingle Bells
-----Make Coffee
------Make Dan jump off cliff (You Died)
------Up the steps
-------Enter the cave
--------(invisible options while flames are up) (You Died)
--------(invisible option while flames are down)
---------Squawk like eagle (You died)
---------Open Umbrella
----------Congratulations! Click Here to Choose a Present! (Go to Prize Video Options)
-------Open mystic door (You died; same video as 'Miley Cyrus')
-----Use Dan like a Pokemon (You died)
----Miley Cyrus (You died; same video as 'Open mystic door')

Prize Video Options

There are a total of 39 prize option videos, which can be reached from annotation links in the prize selection video. The prize videos are from YouTubers from a variety of countries including UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand. A link to the ball/portkey prize video appears for a second time, sometime between the appearance of prize options 35 and 36. There is a rectangle that has no link, which appears at 0:23 (possibly indicating an unseen unlisted forgotton prize video).

1. Forwards snow angel
2. Dan and Phil sing like chipmunks
3. Moustache comb
4. Lion
5. Mint humbugs
6. Piece of paper signed by A-list celebrity Eeyun Beel, with stick-figure artwork.
7. Pikachu covered in cocaine
8. Book of sick jokes
9. Vanilla soymilk
10. Dan and Phil's sex tape
11. Red star Christmas decoration
12. Toy iguana
13. A letter from the House of Commons
14. Lady Gaga
15. Snow assassin
16. Prediction of your future (from an eight-ball)
17. Cardboard box guitar
18. A 12 year-old
19. Star Wars trilogy limited edition VHS box set
20. Cordless hammer drill
21. Cat
22. Nintendo 64
23. Red Christmas/Santa dress
24. Buffy the Vampire Slayer chess set
25. Billy the pineapple
26. Accounting homework
27. A foursome with Dan, Phil and the lion
28. Inflatable purple alien
29. Late grandmother
30. Dan and Phil make noises while holding a model fish.
31. Wicked witch of the west figuirine
32. ball/port-key
33. Baby dragon toy
34. Pocket lint
35. Paper cutout of singer Joe McCeldry
36. Bright orange jumpsuit
37. A soul and a can of doctor pepper
38. Bottle of snake wine from Vietnam
39. Noddy jack-in-a-box